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When our event needs to move people, and you know tables chairs and a powerpoint just don’t do it justice, it’s time to call Extravaganza!

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Event Design


We are here to help you solidify the vision for your event and then collaborate on designing every last visual detail to create a mood, transform your space and tie it all together to bring your vision to life.

After an initial consultation and determining an ideal budget, we begin with creating mood boards and design decks to ensure we produce the exact look and feel you are aiming to capture at your event. We ensure optimal guest interactivity so that every guest feels moved by their attendance and wants to do it all again.

Please contact us now at (813) 621-4700 to request a free quote or click here to complete our online proposal request.

Budgeting for your Big Event

Budgeting For Your Big Event

 There’s always the gap between “what can be done” and “what can be afforded”. The gap, is usually defined by the value you epxect to receive from the outcome of your event. This is why we start the discussion with goals, as opposed to budget.

Extravaganza has an enormous warehouse with existing props and more audio visual equipment than most can imagine. You are not having to pay for an event company to rent your collateral material “on the fly”. As such, an Extravaganza Production, can run as little as a few thousand dollars, to several hundred thousand dollars, but always, because we have no middlemen nipping away at your budget, you will always recieve more value for your budget than you would anywhere else.

Event Mood board

Mood boards have their history in Storyboards from the animation days. The first Storyboard was for the Disney short “The Three Little Pigs, in the early 1930’s. Specific elements of the animation were sketched on sheets of paper, stuck on the wall, then discussed with animators and writers.

Mood boarding for an event is no different. First comes the attendee experience, where are they greeted, what does it look like, how are they greeted. When they move into the event hall, and what is the work flow of the event, where are they greeted, how are they greeted, what do they see, what do they hear? What happens when, and what supporting material is needed along the way.

A storyboard keeps your event plan on track, no matter how complex, or simple. Keeping your event on track, also means keeping it efficient, with no surprises, including no budget surprises.

Event Presentation Deck

Event Decks!

We’re not talking about cousin Harley’s HUGE deck around the backyard. Nope, the ubiquitous PowerPoint Deck that almost every presenter uses to keep the audience in synch with their message, that’s the Event Deck. Often our clients lack the resources to create a presentation deck that is visually and contextually in synch with the event experience. Our team will gladly take on the challenge for you creating presentation decks that match the mood boards for your event, and help you to deliver your message “pitch perfectly”.

Event Consultation


Start with your goals for this event. Are you raising money? Are you promoting a product? Increasing Brand Awareness, or celebrating success? Each event starts with a goal in mind. That goal, becomes the cornerstone of the event design process, and ultimately, the backbone and driving force behind your event success.

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Team EPI's Promise

At EPI, we consistently commit ourselves to providing top-quality event services to all our customers nationwide. For almost three decades, our company has handled an incredible range of events, from small business meetings and yearly fundraisers to large entertainment productions and live special events. Every time we are hired to produce a new event, we dedicate ourselves to designing and executing beautiful, well-strategized solutions custom tailored to our client’s needs.

We specialize in audio visual, lighting, stage sets, thematic decor, props, florals, custom fabrication and so much more. When you need to make an impression, our event designers have the skills and expertise necessary to innovatively take your event to the next level. Give us a call today at (813) 621-4700 to inquire about our design & production services, tour our warehouse with miles of in-house inventory and begin your event journey!


(813)-621-4700 (click to call)

Extravaganza Client Reviews!

Angel F. Avatar
Angel F.
Extravaganza Productions is amazing! Paul, Dolly, Juliet, Tim and the rest of the team have been an incredible supporter of the Angel Foundation and handle all of our decor, audio and video needs for our events and they make us look so good! I wouldn't think of ever using anyone else! If you have a need for their services, be sure to reach out to them and they will not only treat you like royalty, but will take your event to the next level! Love EPI!
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federico l. Avatar
federico l.
I have worked with the Extravaganza crew a few times. I have always felt very comfortable in their professional space. I'm looking forward for a long lasting business relationship.
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Why Choose Team EPI?

Talented team of creative & technical professionals who engage our clients with authenticity, build trust and create dynamic professional relationships.

Access to full service, one stop shop producing with an extensive inventory of AV, lighting, themed decor & custom fabrication to transform spaces and create unforgettable experiences

State of the art technology & production capabilities to produce every detail with precision and timeliness.
Veteran owned business with a proven track record of designing and producing thousands of events spanning three decades.

Collaborative approaches to every project that create vision, innovation and ingenuity to make every event a memorable guest experience.


Event Production & Design With a Florida Home, and a National Reach!

For more than two decades, EPI has handled an incredible range of events; from small business meetings and yearly events, to large productions and special events.

Every time we get hired on to handle the production services for a new event, we dedicate ourselves to designing and executing beautiful, well-strategized solutions. We specialize in audio-visual, decor, lighting, props, floral arrangements, and fabrication for special events, corporate meetings, and conferences for companies and personal parties. When you need to make an impression, our event planners have the skills and expertise necessary to exceed your expectations.
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With a home base in Tampa, FL, we produce events across the country and around the world. If you are ever in the neighborhood, please stop by and tour our extensive warehouse of Event Decorations, Props & AV Equipment!


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